High Density Polyethylene Biological Aerobic Sewage Treatment System

The Type II Marine Sanitation (MSD) by Environmental Marine Inc. is a very effective offshore sewage treatment system. The MSD is perfect for your Yacht, Houseboat, Workboat, Pushboat, or Tugboat. Available in different sizes and is made of high density polyethylene.

  • Lightweight

  • Simple to Install

  • Easy to Maintain

  • Corrosion Resistant

THE MSD operates as an “Extended Aeration” biological waste treatment system ELIMINATING FOUL ODOR! Low Cost and Long Lasting Reliability makes THE MSD the Educated Choice in Sewage Treatment System!

Who Wants to Fish, Swim, Boat, Ski or Relax in Water Where Raw or Untreated Sewage is Being Discharged?

Untreated Sewage is unsightly and contains disease-carrying micro-organisms from which swimmers and water skiers can develop skin rashes, amoeba dysentery, and parasitic worm diseases.