THE MSD Activator : A carefully designed, field tested mixture of bacteria which changes and accelerates the natural activity of the microbes in waste water to combat the organic inhibitors and increase the speed of degeneration in waste. Use of this formula generates a cleaner, faster, and less harmful, discharge than any other commercial bacterial agent.


THE MSD Activator is prepackaged in individual water-soluble packets. Flush two packets down the toilet at time the system is installed and operational. Add an additional 1 package each month. This process will provide the necessary amount of hybrid nutrients to activate existing bacteria allowing the system to process large amounts of waste for a longer period and bring the system into balance.
Note : if the system goes anaerobic or after dewinterization it will be necessary to restart the system as described above.

THE MSD Enhancer & Odor Controller : This BioCatalyst is the result of a fermentation process, which takes place between a special blend of processed natural vegetation, enzymes, protein and nutrients. This blend results in an increased bacterial metabolism of up to 1,000%. The odor-controlling element comes from a complex mixture of vegetable based derivatives which are chemically modified to bond odor emissions. Both the enhancer and the odor controller are completely harmless to humans, plants, animals, and in fact to every aspect of the environment. THE MSD Enchancer & Odor Controller is formulated to provide maximum amplification of the biodegrading process in sanitary wastewater treatment systems.

This BioCatalyst excites the bacteria to degrade solids by making available micronutrients, coenzymes and by providing additional RedOx Reactions. When the entire process of Biodegradation is complete, hazardous and non-hazardous compounds are converted into an odorless non-toxic by-product of water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2).


THE MSD Enhancer & Odor Controller is packaged in a 32 ounce polyethylene bottles. The bottles measure and dispense just the right amount of The MSD Enhancer & Odor Controller without spillage or loss. Add 2 ounces of The MSD Enhancer & Odor Controller at time of start-up and 1 ounce every week you are on the boat.

Liquid Microbial Enhancer And Odor Control With Defoamer

Liquid microbial enhancer and odor control with defoamerFor use in: Type II MDS Systems - Yachts - Houseboats - Workboats - Pushboats - Tugboats

Environmental Marine's Liquid Microbial formula utilizes the powerful waste digesting abilities of special bacterida. This blend of bacillus bacteria strains (both anaerobic and aerobic types) are cultured for their superior ability to digest and liquify all organic waste - quickly, eficiently, and without odors!

  • Biological Digestant
  • Grease Digester And Waste Degrader
  • Eliminates Organic Waste And Odors
  • All Natural - Safe To Use

Cal Hypo Large Tablets : (Calcium Hypochlorite Hydrated) (2-5/8" Chlorine tablets) These are the disinfecting agents for water and wastewater. They destroy pathogens, control nuisance micro-organisms


Add as needed.

CAUTION: Do not combine Cal Hypo tablets with any other form of chlorine tablet, it may form an explosive mixture!

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